UD440 UD440: 14-Inch Dredger

This 14-inch Dredger is New and was built in 2012 in China but was never used. Condition of the equipment is very good.

The vessel is designed to carry out dredging labors. The hull is composed of welded steel sheets, is formed by four modules or pontoons; engine room, lateral compartments and control cabin, coupled together through bolts in deck and hooks in the lower section. The flush deck is flat, the aft mirror is perpendicular to the sides and the bow is formed by two parallel hulls separated by an opening that gives access to the dredging equipment, which is supported by a tubular structure with steel cables connected to winches.

The unit is fitted with six (06) watertight, transversal bulkheads in the lateral compartments, a central machinery space and an aft peak, which define the hull’s locals.

The superstructure is located at the half of the vessel, above the engine room and control cabin, built in steel and fixed by bolts, with adequate structural reinforcements to guarantee its rigidity.

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Price: $ 1,800,000
Location: Venezuela

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