UD445 UD445: Ellicott 1170

The 1170 is a 16" (400mm) cutterhead dredge that offers good production rates for dredgingdepths up to 33' (10M) .

It incorporates the following features:

• Dredge is equipped with two (2) separate diesel engines, with one (1) totallydedicated to the dredge pump for high production rates.

• The 1170 is relatively compact and is fairly easy to tow and maneuver in confined areas. It can be rapidly mobilized and deployed.

• As the capital investment cost is relatively low, its acquisition can be justifed basedon low utilization rates.

• With a moderate physical size and emphasis on simple, straightforward controls,training is easy. It can be operated by a crew that is not exclusively dedicated to thedredge.

• Dredge productivity can be increased substantial in con􀃶ned area dredging withthe use of an optional spud carriage.

Typical uses of the 1170 are medium size navigation projects in ports, harbors rivers, andinland waterways.

Price: $ 1,500,000
Location: Nebraska

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