UD456: LWT Pit Hog Electric Dredge

This is a cable driven electric powered unit with AC in the cabin. Some of the H-Pattern traversing cable systems is included.

460/3 phase electric powered hydraulic horizontal cutter dredge. 300’ of floating electric line and polyline is available. 300’ of aluminum line and fittings is included.

Original horizontal cutterhead ladder has been removed but is still available to be reinstalled. Original ladder still has the OEM 4x6 stainless steel sludge pump and horizontal cutterhead assembly.

A custom ladder has been fitted with a carbide cutter tooth drum cutter for sand and gravel extraction. Custom cutter breaks down some granite into material that can be pumped to the processing plant.

A custom stern connected barge has been attached to handle a GIW LSA 8x8-25 lined slurry pump for greater production.

Price: $ 85,000

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