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BP292: 16-inch Floating Booster

This package includes a 16x16" GIW LSA40 dredge pump, with 800-hp Cummins V12TA 1710 diesel power, driving through a Twin Disc gear, and all mounted on a steel skid. The… more

$200,000 - 350,000

BP295: 18-inch GIW/Cat Booster Station

BARELY USED!  Assembled by DMC only 2 years ago, and still like new, having been used only about 300 hours since it was delivered in February 2010.  A zero-hour remanufactured… more

$250,000 - 275,000

BP296: 14-inch Metso/Thomas Electric-Powered Booster

Built new in 2000, the owner no longer needs this booster and it is now on the market.  The heavy-duty 14” Metso/Thomas pump, with 40” impeller, is belt driven by… more

$175,000 - 200,000

BP297: 12 x 10-inch Cummins Booster with Maddox Pump

This booster station features a Cummins 6 cylinder turbo engine with a 12" suction and 9-1/2" discharge Maddox C160 that can be converted to a 10" booster with the included… more

$35,000 - 45,000

BP298: 12-inch Cummins Booster Station

This Cummins 6 cylinder turbo booster station features 12" suction and discharge that drops to 9-1/2" as it hits the 90 degree turn. Immediately available. For more information and photos call DMC:… more

$30,000 - 40,000

BP299: 8-inch Mudcat Skid Mounted Booster Units (3 Available)

We have three units available for this 8-inch skid mounted Mudcat booster. They feature a Denver-Thomas 8 x 8 pump with a 19.5-inch impeller, maximum particle size of 3.625 inches… more

$30,000 - 36,000

BP300: Land Based Booster Pump Station

This is a Land Based Booster Pump with a 500hp Cummins Engine, enclosed for noise reduction.  It has 5,500 running hours.  The 14x12 G.I.W. Dredge Pump is said to have… more

$95,000 - 105,000

BP301: 6x8 Booster Station

The 6x8 Booster Station's main power is a 671 GM-330 hp Diesel Engine.  It powers a Morris CD 8x6 2,000 USGPM Dredge Pump.  Driven by a 1.55 Cotta Transmission.  This… more

$75,000 - 80,000