Horizontal Auger Dredges

Used mostly in sand maintenance and coastal marine applications, horizontal auger dredges are a great option for applications that require less turbidity. As they usually are less disruptive of marine life, these dredges with a wide coverage area provide a wide berth of dredging ability and typically complete a large area in a less amount of time. They’re used mostly for soft soil and sludge applications that are up to 20 feet under the surface.

Utilizing vertically placed cutting teeth on a rotating auger, horizontal auger dredges cut into the earth and loosen sediment which is fed manually to the intake of the pump. These dredges allow the operator to have a more controlled result with the depth of the cutting as well as the positioning of the auger. Auger dredges also allows for sediment to be removed while taking less water from the area, thus a less disturbing process. Many dredge owners choose a horizontal auger dredge for its fluidity of movement – they move across the water by a winch attached to an anchored taut cable and can cut while moving both forward and backward.

If you’re in the market for a dredge that has more rugged capabilities, our mechanical dredges will offer the freedom for long haul applications with hard packed sediment.

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8-inch LWT Pit Hog 727 Dredge & Booster Package

Although this horizontal auger Pit Hog 727 dredge was manufactured in 1992, it only has 4,058 hours total time in service, and has been well maintained. The package includes a… more


UD101: Aquamog Marine Maintenance Vessel

Model PRX 163 TL multi-purpose marine maintenance vessel. This machine has an articulated-boom ladder that can reach a depth of more than 20'. It is powered by a 163-hp John… more

$150,000 - 170,000

UD234: 8-inch Modified VMI MD815B Mini Dredge

Modified VMI Model MD815B, with 8" Morris pump and GM 6-71 diesel engine.  Has very few operating hours in light to medium duty since new.  This machine is now located… more

$225,000 - 250,000

UD358: 6-inch Mud Cat Model 915 Auger Dredge

This very popular Mud Cat Model 915 horizontal auger dredge features the standard Morris 8x6 dredge pump with 6-71 Detroit Diesel power.  The 9-ft wide auger dredges to 15 ft… more

$30,000 - 40,000

UD373: VMI MD-615 Used Horizontal Dredge - Special

Originally built in 1988, this VMI Model MD-615 used horizontal dredge has not been used in a while and needs a lot of work. The auger head, dredge pump, and… more

$20,000 - 30,000

UD374: 6-Inch Crisafulli Used Auger Dredge - Special

Originally built in 1992, this Crisafulli 6-inch auger dredge needs some new paint and other minor fix-up work but is structurally and mechanically sound. Equipped with a Cummins 8.3 turbo… more

$35,000 - 45,000

UD375: Refurbished Aquamog PRX 163 TL Marine Maintenance Vessel - Special

This Aquamog Model PRX 163 TL multi-purpose marine maintenance vessel was originally built in 1990 but has recently been refurbished by the owner and is in great condition. It has… more

$130,000 - 150,000

UD381: Used 4-inch Crisafulli 142P Rotomite Dredge - Special

If you're looking for a light duty dredge, this could be the one for you. This 4-inch Crisafulli model 142P Rotomite used dredge is ideally suited for marinas, settling ponds… more

$30,000 - 36,000

UD387: 4-inch Liquid Waste Technology Remote Control Dredge

This is a Liquid Waste Technology 4" Remote controlled dredge.  It is about 20-ft long and 8-ft wide.  The horizontal auger will dredge to around 15-feet and has new bearings.… more

$35,000 - 40,000

UD391: 1988 LWT Pit Hog w/John Deere Diesel Engine

This Remote Controlled 4-inch LWT Pit Hog Dredge has a completely overhauled John Deere Diesel Engine with only 200 hours since rebuilt.  A certified John Deere mechanic did the reman… more

$45,000 - 50,000

UD392: Refurbished Mud Cat 915 Dredge

This Mud Cat 915 has been completely refurbished.  It measures 38' 11" x 9' x 8' 8" deep.  It is hydraulically driven by a 671 GM-270 bhp @ 1800 rpm… more

$210,000 - 220,000