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8-inch LWT Pit Hog 727 Dredge & Booster Package

Although this horizontal auger Pit Hog 727 dredge was manufactured in 1992, it only has 4,058 hours total time in service, and has been well maintained. The package includes a… more


Shaw Chain-Ladder Dredge Hull & Ladder

This bare hull consists of 4 pontoons, chain ladder with A-frame, and a raised control house. Originally built in 1986; sandblasted and coated with coal tar epoxy in 2003. - two… more


UD101: Aquamog Marine Maintenance Vessel

Model PRX 163 TL multi-purpose marine maintenance vessel. This machine has an articulated-boom ladder that can reach a depth of more than 20'. It is powered by a 163-hp John… more

$150,000 - 170,000

UD234: 8-inch Modified VMI MD815B Mini Dredge

Modified VMI Model MD815B, with 8" Morris pump and GM 6-71 diesel engine.  Has very few operating hours in light to medium duty since new.  This machine is now located… more

$225,000 - 250,000

UD276: 10-12 inch Remanufactured DMC Dredge

This is a used sand and gravel dredge that has been acquired for renovation and resale.  It was used by a west Tennessee aggregate producer, and features a spacious hull… more

$500,000 - 700,000

UD320: 10-inch Ellicott Model 370 Dredge

This used Ellicott Model 370 is a rare find in today's used dredge market.  Primary equipment includes 12x10 heavy-duty dredge pump, with Caterpillar 3406 main diesel engine.  Dredge has been… more

$350,000 - 500,000

UD341: 14-inch Used Dixie CS-2-14 Dredge

This Dixie Dredge Model CS-2-14 has been acquired for refurbishing and resale by DMC.  It is equipped with a 14” Series N-40 Thomas dredge pump, powered by a Detroit Diesel… more

$500,000 - 600,000

UD342: 10-inch DMC-Rebuilt Dixie CD-10B Dredge

Dixie Model CD-10B, originally built in the 1970s, just acquired for restoration and resale by DMC.  This is a well-equipped machine, featuring a 10” Thomas pump with 400-hp Caterpillar 3406… more

$350,000 - 500,000

UD346: 10-inch Electric Hartman-Fabco Used Dredge

This 1960s vintage electric-powered chain-ladder dredge was manufactured by Hartman-Fabco, well known for their chain-ladder machines.  It is equipped with a 10x12 Thomas Simplicity Series J36 dredge pump, and powered… more

$100,000 - 200,000

UD358: 6-inch Mud Cat Model 915 Auger Dredge

This very popular Mud Cat Model 915 horizontal auger dredge features the standard Morris 8x6 dredge pump with 6-71 Detroit Diesel power.  The 9-ft wide auger dredges to 15 ft… more

$30,000 - 40,000

UD360: 16-inch DMI Ladder-Pump Dredge

This excellent machine was built in 1988 by DredgeMasters International, of Hendersonville, Tennessee.  It features an 18” x 16” DMI HydraMaster underwater dredge pump, mounted on an 80-ft long ladder,… more

$1,500,000 - 1,700,000

UD363: 12-in Custom-Built Dredge

This impressive machine was originally built in 2000 by a North Carolina contractor to his own exacting specifications.  The 12” GIW pump is powered by a 720-hp Caterpillar 3412 diesel… more

$600,000 - 700,000

UD365: 10-inch Custom-Built Dredge Spread

This is a very nice spread, consisting of a professionally built dredge, a floating booster, and a sand plant.  The centerpiece is a 10-inch dredge custom-built by the owner for… more

$550,000 - 650,000

UD366: 10-inch Ellicott 370 Dredge

Ellicott's Series 370 is one of the most in-demand dredges on the used dredge market today.  This is a standard model machine, with one-piece hull measuring 36’ x 12’ x… more

$375,000 - 425,000

UD369: 14-inch DMC CSD-350 Dredge

This dredge, DMC model no. CSD-350, was manufactured by Dredge & Marine Company in 1997 for a Nebraska sand & gravel operation.  The center hull section is provided with a… more

$675,000 - 775,000

UD371: 10-inch Refurbished DMC Sandpiper Dredge

Recently acquired from an aggregate producer in Florida, this 10-inch dredge is currently being refurbished at the DMC facility. This “Sandpiper” dredge is being rebuilt with a slightly used 10… more

$325,000 - 375,000

UD379: AMMCO PD -14S Refurbished Dredge

This AMMCO PD-14S dredge was originally constructed in 1985, and completely refurbished in 1996.  It has a 16” x 14” pump, powered by two Cat D-3408’s with 365 BHP each,… more

$800,000 - 900,000

UD380: AMMCO PD-14UD Deep Digging Refurbished Dredge

This excellent deep digging AMMCO PD-14UD dredge with ladder pump was originally built in 1986 and was completely refurbished in 2007.  The main engine is a Cat 3512 with 1,200… more

$1,700,000 - 1,800,000

UD381: Used 4-inch Crisafulli 142P Rotomite Dredge - Special

If you're looking for a light duty dredge, this could be the one for you. This 4-inch Crisafulli model 142P Rotomite used dredge is ideally suited for marinas, settling ponds… more

$30,000 - 36,000

UD383: 10-inch W&S Dredge in Current Operation

This excellent W&S Dredge is in current operation. It has a low-hour Cat C-15 that drives a completely rebuilt 10 x 10 pump through a twin disc SP314 clutch. This… more

$350,000 - 500,000

UD384: 10-inch Used M&W Dredge

This 10" M&W dredge needs very little care to start making you money. It's a great price on a starter dredge and with a little more effort it would look… more

$125,000 - 150,000

UD385: Low Hour 2010 W&S Wolverine Dredge

This 2010 W&S Wolverine is a fantastic machine with only 2,800 total hours. A John Deere 13.5 450 HP Tier III engine drives a Thomas J-30 size 10 x 10… more

$350,000 - 375,000

UD386: 12-inch Used Eagle Iron Works Electric Dredge

If you’re looking to escape the high, fluctuating costs of diesel fuel, this dredge could be your answer.  This 12-inch Eagle Iron Works Electric Dredge features a 14 x 12… more

$1,000,000 - 1,100,000

UD387: 4-inch Liquid Waste Technology Remote Control Dredge

This is a Liquid Waste Technology 4" Remote controlled dredge.  It is about 20-ft long and 8-ft wide.  The horizontal auger will dredge to around 15-feet and has new bearings.… more

$35,000 - 40,000

UD391: 1988 LWT Pit Hog w/John Deere Diesel Engine

This Remote Controlled 4-inch LWT Pit Hog Dredge has a completely overhauled John Deere Diesel Engine with only 200 hours since rebuilt.  A certified John Deere mechanic did the reman… more

$45,000 - 50,000

UD392: Refurbished Mud Cat 915 Dredge

This Mud Cat 915 has been completely refurbished.  It measures 38' 11" x 9' x 8' 8" deep.  It is hydraulically driven by a 671 GM-270 bhp @ 1800 rpm… more

$210,000 - 220,000