Ellicott 1170

Dredge Pump Power Unit – CAT 3508, 855 HP, heat exchanger cooling, 13,626 hours

Auxiliary Power Unit – CAT 3406, 290 HP, radiator cooled, 11,327 hours – powers hydraulics and service water pump

16”x16” Dredge Pump with a 50’ digging depth capability

10 KW diesel generator for AC power


Product Description

  1. $ 1,121,976.00                  New cutter head, new suction pipe, new pump parts supplied and installed (shell, front liner, impeller, and shaft sleeve), sand blast and paint the exterior. Estimated delivery on pump parts is 4-6 weeks on longest lead item. Estimated ship date after receipt of signed contract and deposit is 6-7 weeks.
  2. $  953,736.00                    New cutter head, new suction liner and new pump parts supplied but not installed. Can ship immediately after receipt of funds. Cutter build lead time is 2-3 weeks. Pump parts and suction pipe lead times are 4-6 weeks.
  3. $  856,000.00                    Sold “as-is”.